The hologram room is a solution for companies who want to show 3D models, laser scans or designs with an immersive experience.


  • Astonishing immersive realism.
  • Unlimited detail resolution. Awesome and unprecedented zoom in/out capabilities. You can use your wand to zoom in to see tiny details, or zoom out to view the whole city.
  • Interactivity with the 3D model. Ability to set up bookmarks or move things around.
  • Compatibility. The HR is a presentation display you can load 3D models in any format.
  • Multi view experience. Two people or two group of people can view.
  • Animations. Presentations can also be made with animations or movable objects.
  • Tracked glasses.
  • Remote control stick.


  • Design and feature amazing customized immersive experiences to delight your customers and sell more.
  • Train your staff in realistic and life-size scenarios that are difficult to access or dangerous such as a nuclear reactor or moon’s surface!
  • Increase your sales by making hyper realistic presentations of your products.
  • Save warehouse space and inventory, showing realistic holograms of your product variants.
  • Improve your company’s position by making leading and state of the art presentations.

This is the best of breed holographic display in the world so far. You can use it to show shopping center interiors, document nuclear power plants or train staff who have to operate in dangerous environments.

Use cases

Architecture & Real Estate
Currently the trend in the sector is to show 3D tour videos (in 2D screens) to the customer to validate the architectural designs. While this a significant improvement over the typical paper plan.

Being able to show visual concepts in 3D and with a high level of detail is an advantage for a student to understand the concept quickly. Hologram rooms have been used at top universities for some time, representing a clear competitive advantage over others.

Hazardous training
The hologram room is particularly suitable for training in operations within hazardous or hard- to-reach environments. You can recreate these environments with a high level of detail and reproduce it at real size inside the hologram room. You will be able to move around inside and interact with certain parts of the environment. Do you work in a nuclear power plant and don’t want to go down to practice with the reactor? Now you can do better. 

Euclideon offers content and entertainment experiences for its hologram rooms. The hologram dinosaur adventure takes one to five people and runs for 28 minutes. It consists of ten mini- experiences set in the times of the dinosaurs. Don’t get stepped on by T-Rexes battling around you, get attacked by prehistoric insects, swim with plesiosaurs, pet a baby brontosaurus and much, much more!