A solution for companies who want to show or analyze 3D models such as building complex, entire cities, terrain, engineering wonders or any other thing in an astonishing and non seen before way.

The hologram table is the ultimate display device for industries such as: engineering, military, architecture or real estate. The business table uses Euclideon’s unlimited point cloud data technolo- gy, this allows the table to run laser scans of entire cities or countries. For running large geospatial models, this is the most powerful device available in the world today. The product comes with software that will allow you to easily make 3D holograms of small, real world objects such as historical artifacts. You can upload your own 3D computer models to the table and prepare presentations with them, you can convert and upload laser scans and point cloud models as well as polygon models from most formats. You also receive software for your PC that will help you make your content and presentations.


  • Realistic 3D models/realities made of solid light with 1 meter of depth and 70 cm of relief upon horizontal surface.
  • Awesome and unprecedented zoom in/out capabilities. You can see the entire island of Manhattan and zoom in until you see a crack in a sewer.
  • Interactivity capacity. Ability to set up bookmarks or move things around.
  • Wide format compatibility. You can upload files of almost any format.
  • Multi view experience. Two people or two group of people can view and interact.
  • Animations. Presentations can also be made with animations or movable objects.
  • Tracked glasses.
  • Remote control stick and wands.


  • Make your showroom fancy and futuristic.
  • Increase your sales by making more realistic presentations of your products.
  • Save spare stock or inventory by showing variants and customization of your products with holograms.
  • Improve your company’s position with a state of the art and technology wise presentation.
  • Better informed decisions planning off-the-hologram. If you have to plan over something that have 3D relevant information such as terrain, buildings or roads, is easier to do it with a holographic view and you will make better decisions.

The hologram table is the ultimate display device for industries such as: engineering, military, architecture or real estate.

Use cases

Government, Military, Roads & Town Planning
Our hologram business tables project holograms of cities up to 70 cm high, you can zoom in and out and see all the detail. You can have live feeds of plans, cars or any other real time information. You can add new objects and prepare presentations. Hologram tables are the most futuristic way to plan and display large scale designs.

Inventory Showtable
Does your company sell cars? houses? planes? boats? satellites? dams? power plants? Any other engineering wonder big enough not to fit in a warehouse? Do you handle more inventory than you can store and show? The business table is your solution. You can store and share holographic 3D representations of your stuff and recreate it wherever location you have a hologram table. You can also have variants or different models of your goods and customise it in a workshop with the customer.

Industrial Design
The hologram table is the ultimate device for visualizations and approvals in designing products or product parts. With this device, you can see ultra realistic 3D representations of an object or piece floating in the air. This way you can see exactly how the object is, or if this object fits with another one with which it has to be assembled.