This is the entry level device to the world of holograms. It is a wall that can be transformed into a window to the outside world with the addition of being able to project holograms up to 1m in front of the wall.

This may dramatically improve your presentations by offering a stunning and non seen before experience for your attendees. This holographic device is very suitable for hyper realistic virtual tours in real world places (tourism or architecture) education, advertising, museums or restaurants. Within 1 metre of the holograms a person will need to use “tracked glasses”. Only one person can use such glasses at a time, however multiple viewers can see holograms with normal 3D glasses if they are more than 2.5 metres away. After 5 metres people do not need any glasses at all if the holograms are on a poly-silk screen (on stages for conferences or used in advertising). You can upload your own 3D computer models to the wall and prepare presentations with them, and you can convert and upload laser scans and point cloud models as well as polygon models from most formats. You also receive software for your PC that will help you make your content and presentations.


  • Holograms made of solid light with a deep background and 1 meter of relief upon vertical surfaces.
  • Perform biggest holograms in market.
  • Exhibit holograms floating in the air without a case or volumetric display.
  • Show a windows to virtual worlds from a wall.
  • Software to create 3D holograms and presentations included.
  • Tracked glasses.
  • Remote control stick and wands.


  • Sell more with a digitalised dealership experience.
  • Enable futuristic showrooms for presentations.
  • Record and showw real world places.
  • Show stock materials in a holographic and realistic way without having the stock physically there.

suitable for hyper realistic virtual tours in real world places: tourism, architecture, education, advertising, museums, restaurants...

Use cases

You can load 3D models holographically, prepare presentations with animation labels, and many other features. You can also make “bookmarks” to different scenes or models you have prepared. This is used by governments and road authorities (to discuss or show infrastructure changes), militaries (for planning purposes), shopping centres (to sell off the plan), and architects (to show designs at their real size).

Hologram Tours of Real-World Places
You can scan in real world historical sites, or have us do it for you, and then replay them back as a 3D digitally recreated tour. Scan in forests, ancient cities, caves, boats, etc. Groups of people can go into a hologram room and travel around the scanned in environment as virtual tourism. This same technology is used by many different industries.

Holograms at Conferences
Project holograms of people, objects, or animals on stage. They look real and audiences will love the high-tech nature of your presentation.

Holograms in Advertising
Impress people and get attention with a variety of holographic advertising options.

Holograms in Museums
We supply you with everything you need to scan in real world artifacts, or you can use our scanning service. Once the objects have been scanned, they are converted to hologram form. People visiting the museum can see life-sized models that look real but are really holographic laser projections.

Holograms in Restaurants
Turn your photos of food into full 3D holograms, and have a holographic menu where people can choose their meal. Give your restaurant a fantastic advantage that will make it stand out from the crowd.